Doing our business


The snow has made it tough on the dogs. They hate doing their business in the snow. Though we didn’t have much snow last night there was enough to cover all the green spots the dogs have come to expect on our walk. Instead of suffering through icy sidewalks and dodging cars, Jim suggested we walk the dogs on the beach. The dogs were in heaven and they did plenty of doggy business.


Going to the beach was good for Jim and I also because it’s been a while since we’ve gone down to the ocean. I’ve been out surfing a few times in the past week (one day the waves were good another day the waves were crap) but really we haven’t checked the water regularly. The surf report claims the ocean is flat and the bitter cold temperatures manage to keep our desire to surf in check. While the dogs were doing their business on the beach, Jim and I were doing ours; we were enjoying the sounds and smells of nature.


As we finished our walk we saw our friend sitting in her truck staring at the water. Just like us, she had the urge to get out to see the water and connect with nature, even if it was for just a few minutes. Our friend is going through a major transition in her life; after many years of manage she is newly single. As we talked she shared with me the struggle of making friends, I agreed and said “Making friends is hard.”


We spoke on the subject a bit more and then turned the conversation to family, work, school, and of course when will this winter end. As we spoke Jim watched the lone surfer in the water catching the shore break. The cold finally had its way and pulled us back to the warmth of our cars and for Jim and I back to some very happy puppies.

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