When winter smacks you in the face, literally

IMG_4703 Every year in preparation for Christmas we read “A Christmas Story.” Jean Shepard describes Northern Indianans fighting winter tooth and claw. Before this winter I could only imagine what he meant. Winter of 2015 the Flynn Family found out what Jean was talking about. We found ourselves fighting the bitter cold temperatures, unrelenting winds, and snow piled on snow piled on snow. We fought winter by adding layers of clothing and combating the snow by shoveling again and again. IMG_5161    IMG_5529 The temperature has finally begun to break and as we get a reprieve from the cold we can finally see green grass again, then winter dealt me a very personal blow- right in the face. IMG_5155 Though winter is a tough season in New England it also happens to be a time of year where winter swells hit the beach. Of course while battling the cold on days when we a swell arrives it is hard to stay away from the water. IMG_5533 The other day we had spring like temperatures paired with a solid south swell. I was beginning to think winter was letting up, and then she gave me a nice left. IMG_5615 Getting smacked in the face with my board was a nice reminder winter wasn’t quite done with her fury. At least I got a nice ride in before the smack down. Fortunately I saw a sign today and think that winter may have to bid us adieu. IMG_5649 And I don’t think these are meant for people fleeing the cold north. IMG_5648

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