My College Sweet Heart


Jim and I were a few years off from being high school sweet hearts, but today we are college sweet hearts. Before we met Jim and I did enough living to fill a few life times (more so Jim than me). We were together for one of Jim’s major life accomplishments, finishing 30 years in the Coast Guard. When he graduated from service the world was his oyster and Jim grabbed hold of life and did not let go, even when it got hard.


While many people take to leisurely activities like golf and fishing when they hang up their military uniform, Jim listened to the words of Robert Frost. He took the road less traveled. Jim bought a backpack, scientific calculator, and lots of mechanical pencils on his journey to a college campus to become a college freshman in pursuit of a BS in Marine Biology.


Along the way the road had plenty of obstacles. A few times he tripped over algebraic functions and landed face first in chemistry. But no matter how many times he slipped, slid, or fell Jim would just get back up and make another step forward.


This Saturday the hard work pays off, Jim will not only graduate, but he will graduate with honors. My college sweetheart took the road less traveled, and because of that it will make all the difference.


Congratulations love of my life.

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