Where is your playground?

Hula hoop

Kids play. They do it because it is a way to learn social behavior. They play because it helps them discover boundaries. Kids play because it is fun.


There is something that happens when kids transition into adolescence and adulthood, most of them quit playing. Games are for kids.


Some games are probably not appropriate for adults, but I think it is still important for adults to play. Play is a way to bring people together, have fun, and relieve stress.


Recently I was invited to a friend’s house to play Buncko. If you haven’t played Buncko, it is a game with dice that requires little skill except counting. We ate food, shared stories, and laughed. A group of adult women did exactly what kids do, we played, and we did it mostly because it was fun.


While I really love getting together with a group of girls my favorite place to play is the ocean. On the big days I love dropping down the face of a wave. And on the small days I love trying new things. I find so much joy just sitting in the water splashing around, singing songs, and enjoying the feel of the water between my toes.


So if play is reserved for kids, then call me a kid.

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