Media Colored Glasses

How we see the world is so often shaped by our choice of news outlet.


While some stories will be big news on all of the networks they may all focus on different aspects of the story.


But what is even more striking is when a story is big news on one media outlet and then gets little attention on another.


We were eating dinner in a local pizza restaurant and the TV was on CNN. It was the day that a South Carolina cop shot someone and the event was recorded. I remember thinking that this won’t get much coverage on Fox News.


I decided to go home and check out CNN and Fox News’ websites. The focus on CNN was the shooting while the focus on Fox News was the Boston Bombing verdict and unrest in Yemen.


All of the stories were newsworthy. But each network focused on stories that conveniently sided with their political views.


How you see the world may depend on the media lens you choose.


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