Six Weeks


As part of my recovery from my surgery I have to spend six weeks on crutches. Not only am I on crutches I have to be non-weight bearing on my right foot to allow my knee to heal correctly.


Over the next six weeks I will have to learn to adapt. I will have to learn to do things while balancing on one leg and learn to carry things when both of my hands are holding crutches.


Climbing into and out of the bathtub is a challenge. Instead of simply turning on the shower and stepping over the tub I have to sit on the toilet, hold myself above the tub, and slowly lower my body down into the tub. Only once I am seated can I turn on the water and shower.


I have the luxury of having a family who helps me. Jim and Kia graciously carry things for me. They watch me lie on the couch with my leg propped up. They cook dinner. Family is a Godsend.


While I am adapting to my new world I recognize that in six weeks I will be able to walk on two feet. Getting into and out of the shower will no longer be a major accomplishment. My hands will be free and I will be able to carry things. In six weeks, my idea of normal will be restored. Learning to adapt to a new normal, is just something I get to experience for six weeks.




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