Haley Gordon Woman of Steele


Being a surfer on the mend, that means no water time for me. So the next best thing is watching other people do the thing I love. I try to get out to the ocean as often as I can, but seeing that I can’t drive I have to rely on Jim and Kia to have both the time and desire to take me to watch waves. So, the next best thing to sitting by the ocean hearing the waves crash and feeling the cool wind on your skin is watching surf movies.


Thank goodness for YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo, Netflix. With these little gems of social networking there are hours of video to watch, ranging from log riding to big wave hunters from amateur free surfers to pros.


As I sat on the couch with my leg propped up and covered in ice, I decided to watch a movie I had in my wish list in iTunes. It was a surf movie that featured girls. I was pretty excited to watch the movie. However, before the movie was over I started flipping through my phone and searching for things on Google. It left me wondering why- and it dawned on me that the movie was really boring. As I thought about it more and more I realized that most surf movies with girls are pretty boring.


Instead of featuring girls ripping- set to a great soundtrack with bits of shenanigans sprinkled in between surf sessions the model seems to focus more on a dialogue. People share how surfing makes them feel empowered or how surfing can help with some big social issue. Don’t get me wrong those are really important and deserve attention, but can’t we also just have some movies that follow the Taylor Steele formula of free surfers traversing the globe in search of great waves, set to a great soundtrack, and shenanigans sprinkled in between surf sessions.


I was feeling a bit dismayed about the inequality in surf movies based on gender but thanks to a Google search of girl surf movie, I found a scant list of surf movies. Most of them follow the previously mentioned formula for surf movies, but as I searched the links I found one that stood out. The globe trotting wasn’t there but the movie featured no discussion of how empowering surfing makes me feel and instead just had great music and great surfing and it even had some shenanigans. My heart lifted!


Thank you Haley Gordon for the movies you make, please continue. The best part about your movies is it isn’t about gender but instead about great surfers! Maybe you are the Woman of Steele that we need to change stereotypes.


By The Way from Hayley Gordon on Vimeo.


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