Dusting off the sounds


A long, long time ago I used to play the flute. I stopped after the ninth grade. When I was in Korea my school only had a concert band, but before my tenth grade year we moved to North Carolina. If I wanted to play in the band I would have to join the marching band, something I had no interest in doing. After my ninth grade year I packed my flute away in my closet, resigning it to a life of dust and darkness.


Boredom can be a game changer.


Sitting around the house watching every episode of “Parenthood” and “Jane the Virgin” that is available on Netflix is fun but you eventually run out of episodes. That is when boredom strikes. And it is even more vicious than a regular bout of boredom when you have to use crutches to walk. The only cure I could find was learn something new (and fun and exciting). So I carefully reached for the ukulele that was collecting dust on the top of a very tall bookshelf.


To learn to play I used the resources most readily available to me- Google and YouTube. I quickly learned I am no prodigy and the music world is safe from a debut album from Darcy the Ukulele Virtuoso. But I also learned (again) how much fun it is to play music.


My knee is on the mend and I am on the verge of ditching the crutches. But I have really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get my brain to coordinate the actions of my left and right hand so I can play something resembling music, so I will continue.


Music is much easier to appreciate and enjoy out in the open instead of collecting dust in a closet. Now, I wonder what ever did happen to my flute. MOM?!?


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