What leadership books are missing.

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A Google search of the word leadership will yield thousands of results. People have been studying the idea of leadership for hundreds of years; Homer, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Simon Sinek, Sheryl Sandberg. In all of the study of leadership, people can clearly identify both good and bad leadership. (It is very similar to the way you know a good marriage and a bad marriage when you see it.)


These books and studies explain leadership theory and break down different styles of leadership. You can learn that great leaders use words like trust, create a culture, vision, and communication. These books don’t share the “how to” for building trust, creating culture, vision, or communication.


Instead of learning how to do these things you may learn some of the things great leaders do. A great leader probably says good morning to people and ask how they are doing. This works for them because it is one part of what they do, not the only thing. So if you adopt this and that is part of your mental check list of things leaders must do, people will probably see it as lacking sincerity. People know the difference.


So what is the secret to good leadership? How do you do it? Is there a secret? These are the same questions people will ask about all relationships. Sadly, there is no checklist to leadership or relationships. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut and listen.


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