Temporarily Disabled


Your perspective of the world can change under the right conditions. For me it was not being able to walk for six weeks. During that time I could not drive, learned to do laundry and cook standing on one leg, learned to balance two crutches and a cup of coffee, and relied on others to do things like carry stuff or drive me places.


In many ways it is barely comparable, but during those weeks I got a small glimpse what life is like for someone with a physical disability. There are numerous physical challenges that I experienced but they were relatively manageable. But physical challenges is just one part, I lost my sense of independence because I could not drive. And I was fortunate enough to not have to overcome the logistics of getting to a bus stop on crutches or figuring out how I was going to get groceries home. I also did not have to worry about money. Most employers won’t keep you on board or pay you if you cannot work for six weeks.


My tiny glimpse into another world makes me realize how good my life is and how fortunate I am. Hopefully I gain more than just understanding, though I’m not quite sure what I hope to gain.



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