Privilege of Being an Outsider


Being the only Coastie working at a Navy command offers me some unique privileges. I recognize I am part of the team but realize I am not fully accepted as a member of the group. As a team we work together to complete the mission, but the group is different. The group is about Navy.


This situation can easily cause consternation, who really likes to be an outsider? But I’ve come to see this as a gift instead of a curse.


The outsider can be unique, weird, off, march to your own drum.


There is no pressure to be like the group. Instead you get to be weird and unique, and often it is just accepted, because you are the outsider.


You see things differently.


When you are in the middle of a snow globe it is easy to see things immediately around you, but not the snow globe as a whole.


Freedom of speech


There is less pressure to conform to the group norms and this means you are less likely to self-censor.


Being the outsider is not all fun and games, there is an element of loneliness. But that is a small price to pay if it means being, Darcy.



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