Cast away


In the days leading up to taking the cast off I had one question. What the most interesting thing has been discovered inside a cast once it was removed?


People get itchy. And when you get itchy, you want to scratch. Until they make a touch sensitive cast that allows you the freedom to take care of the itchies, you have to get creative.


Lucky for me it is winter here in New England. So I only had a few times where my stitches bothered the crap out of me.


Though I imagined all the possibilities- powder, pencils, toothbrush, spoon, fork, chopstick, coat hangar, Legos, straws . Somehow I managed to refrain and keep my cast free of foreign objects.


But we did ask the doctor the strangest thing he’s seen, a chicken bone. He also told us that the chicken bone caused a nasty infection.


The lesson should be don’t shove anything in your cast, but the lesson might be, if you are going to put something in your cast, limit it to inanimate objects.

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