And UConn wins another, yawn.


University of Connecticut is one win away from winning another national championship. The team holds the record for longest consecutive win streak and their record this season is 36-0. This should be celebrated because it is good for women’s sport to have such a dominant team.


But I found myself this year not that interested in watching the women’s tournament. The reason it is boring.


There is no fun in watching games when you know (unless a strange occurrence like the entire team gets food poisoning from eating out the night before a game) UConn is going to win. Not only is UConn winning they are slaughtering the other teams.


It is fun watching a team on a win streak. Think about 1990-91 watching UNLV and 2014-15 watching University of Kentucky. Every game these teams won created a buzz. But the excitement was heightened because we all knew that they had to fight to win, maybe not all of the games but some of them. And that made it exciting to watch.


I am not hating on UConn for their success. I say congratulations. But I recognize that it hurts women’s sports. People don’t like to watch boring games. And right now watching UConn win another game, meh.



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