Stronger Showing Next Time

A new show on NBC claims to be strong. I watched the premier and as I watched I thought to myself, if this is supposed to be what strong is, I choose something else.


The premise of the show is a group of women who want to get in shape. So they get trainers to help them “get strong”. The trainers are all men (hey where is Jillian for this one). And the trainers and competitors compete side by side.


I imagine when the show was pitched it sounded okay. But from my perspective it sends a message that in order for a woman to be strong it takes a man’s help. It would be okay if the premise of the show was solely focused on physical training but it is not. The trainers are also helping the ladies clear their headspace by tackling things like body image, self worth, and parent issues.


Aside from the physical (and mental) training, the show is edited to showcase deceit, lying, betrayal, and other juicy morsels that reality television thrives on. Strength is found in displaying honor, commitment, loyalty, and courage, core values that the trainers in the show failed to demonstrate.


I love watching shows like “Biggest Loser” (even though I know what I see is not always an accurate picture of reality). I guess the reason I like them is because it is amazing watching people challenge themselves and become a better version of themselves. Better luck next time NBC, hopefully you’ll have a stronger showing with a new show.

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