The scientific approach to life


When I was a little kid I did not like the way shredded coconut tasted. It wasn’t so much the taste it was the texture. Something about it was just icky. As I got older and I learned that your tastes can change. I tried something with shredded coconut on it. And it was no longer icky. Instead I enjoyed it. It is not my favorite topping but it is something I can appreciate and enjoy, opening up access to coconut cake, something I always avoided when I was a kid.


At the time I did not give it much thought, but I applied a scientific approach. After I was presented with the idea that my tastes can change I tried the coconut again. The new information helped me change my mind.


Imagine how cool our world would be if more people used a scientific approach in life. I think my social media newsfeed would have less people filling it with the right beliefs and right view of the world. Instead we might see more questions about beliefs and views, so we can learn more about the world and be free to change our minds and try to see things in a new way.



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