Warning, I’ll probably die within 2 years of retirement


The other day while I was visiting the Nautilus museum I was chatting with a gentleman who recently retired. Somehow my upcoming retirement came up in conversation. He asked what I was going to do when I retire. And I responded, as I always do, nothing. I then got a very stern warning that the life expectancy of someone who retires from the military with no plans is 2 years.


It’s funny when people ask me what I am going to do when I retire; they often mean where are you going to work.


And when I say I am going to do nothing, I don’t really mean nothing. I mean I don’t plan on working or going to school for a while.


I’ve got things I want to do and places I want to go. Things I’ve wanted to do, that have not been compatible with military life. And once I retire I’ll have the freedom to engage in these projects and travel in the way that I want to.


Eventually I’ll go back to school. And maybe one day I’ll even get a job that uses the degree that I get when I go back to school. But after working for over twenty years, I think it’s okay to say I’m going to do nothing.


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