I’m okay if you carry a gun…..maybe….

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this meme.


The posts were supportive.

Most people were okay with someone carrying a gun. But why?

No one knows anything about this guy. Based on a picture, people trust that this person would be there to take care of business if shit hits the fan. Based on a picture, people felt that he knew how to handle weapons because he is wearing the gun and not concealing it.

Now this person could be a very responsible person…..but…….

But we know nothing based on a picture. He could be ready to rob the restaurant, kill the person next to him, have just killed someone, or maybe he enjoys child porn.

But what did people think based on the picture?

I wonder, would the people who thought that it was a picture of a guy who is ready to take care of business if shit goes down if he looked differently. Would people feel the same if he were Muslim, Black, Latino, Asian? Would we be okay if it was a woman or a transgender person? What if we changed the clothes- dress in a hoodie with baggie pants, maybe dress him in clothes bought from a thrift store?

If we change the picture would we really be okay with this person carrying a gun?

It is easy to say yes, but take a moment, stop and really think about how you would feel and what you would think.

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