Voice of the voter



There have been a lot of complaints about the Democrats putting up road blocks and fighting everything that the Republicans have been proposing.  Everything from Cabinet appointments to policy.

People are inferring that the Senators and Congressional Reps are doing this just to be a road block.  However, we have to remember that these elected officials are the voice of their people.

Constituents want their representative to not only hear their them but to fight for them.  Right now a lot of people are reaching out to their representatives, calling them and emailing them.  They are doing this to make sure their concerns are addressed on the big stage (Shelbourne & Wheeler, 2017).

However, there is an inference that the only reason Democrats are fighting is to fight.  I am glad they are fighting because they are doing it on behalf of the people they represent.  Our Senators and Congresspeople take all of the voices of the people in their state and funnel it to the House or Senate floor.

I think we need to change our perspective.  We need to respect that people are flooding the phone lines, it is because people care.  We need to stop looking at the representatives as road blocks for progress, but instead look at them as a voice for their constituents a voice that shares the concerns of regular people.

We are Democracy.  It is time that we start behaving like one.


Shelbourne, M. & Wheeler, L. (2017, January 26). Anti-Devos calls jam Senate phone lines. The Hill.com. Retrieved from http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/316321-anti-devos-calls-jam-senate-phone-lines


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