War with the media


Are we at war with the media?


We keep hearing the media is the enemy.


Alternative facts, fake news- these terms used frequently and freely by many. For some, this attack on the media has forced them to double down on their chosen media outlet and claim it is the only good news source and the only one that has real news.


This attack on the media has broadened my media outlets. Today I read news from New York Times, New Yorker, LA Times, Politico, Huffington Post, Breitbart, Fox News, NPR, BBC, and so many more.


Here’s what I’ve discovered.


When it comes to reporting things that actually happened, they are all pretty consistent. You can learn the same information from most sources.


The difference comes in with what is emphasized and the tone used.


And this is where the war with the media comes in. While most media present the truth in some form, they paint it with a biased brush. And often they go a step further and encourage fear, encourage hate, and encourage sociocentric thinking.


This type of reporting only helps to widen the divide in our country apart.


This is a problem that belongs to everyone in our country. We need to become more empathetic and see the world from the eyes of someone who disagrees with us.


But we also need to demand that our media stop pandering to fear and hate.


Our war with the media is not about fake news and alternative facts. Our war with the media is to demand they work to find a way to bring people together instead of creating a narrative of hate and distrust.

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