The cusp of greatness or insanity


Tommy checked the date on his phone, then he ran his finger along the lunar calendar stopping when he found today. Noting that the moon was transitioning to a full moon. According to his calculations, he should have a little extra time to execute his plan if his first attempt doesn’t work. Tommy knew with an experiment of this magnitude that you have to expect things to go wrong.

The list of supplies was sitting on the nightstand next to his wallet and keys. Tommy nodded and said a few words as he reviewed the list. He put his wallet in his pocket and tossed the keys in the air before catching him in his hand and walking out the door.

It took a few hours, but he managed to get everything on the list. Before going to bed Tommy checked the weather, the forecast for tomorrow night was clear. He set his alarm; it was going to be a long day of prep.

Tommy was so excited he woke up before his alarm. As he made his coffee, he ran through the plan. It sounded easy.

He spent the day tying the ropes together; double-checking to make sure the knot was secure. The anchor was tricky, but he managed to get it tied to the rope. Just around dinnertime Tommy rolled the machine out of the garage. The design was inspired by watching Olympic hammer throwers. It was pretty hefty, seeing that it had to carry the anchor from earth up to the moon. All it has to do was land on the cusp. Then he could move on to phase two.

After Tommy got the machine set up, he took a break for dinner. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Just a few final checks and he would be ready. The rope was clear. The trajectory of the machine was correct. Tommy looked around to make sure the area was clear of people, safety was important and there was Bob, pulling up in his car.

“What you doing, Tommy? What kind of contraption is this? Holy crap that’s enough rope to swing across the country?”

Tommy did his best to ignore Bob. Bob walked around the machine nodding. “Very impressive, very impressive.”

They stood next to each other looking up at the sky. Bob felt something land on his arm. “Is that rain? I thought it was supposed to be a clear night.” Tommy watched in horror as dark clouds covered the stars and the moon. The night sky turned into a shower. Tommy rushed to get everything back into the garage.

As he dried off, Tommy wasn’t sure if he was on the cusp of greatness or insanity. He saw the receipts on the counter and knew it was going to be a busy day again tomorrow.


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