A time for champions

If I were to ask who was second place most people would not know the answer. People remember the winners. Though we remember the winners, some of the best stories come from people who did not come in first place. They are great stories because they show people who rise up from adversity. They show people who could have quit but did not, they finished knowing that there was no chance of winning.

In 1992, Derek Redmond crossed the finish line of the 400 m heat he was in, after getting injured.

In 1968, John Stephen Akhawari finished the marathon because he said his country sent him to finish the race.

In 2011, Holland Reynolds crawled across the finish line of her cross-country meet.

These runners may not be winners in the traditional sense, but they are champions of life. They did not give up and they finished their race.

Maybe we need more champions in this world than we do winners.


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