One teeny, tiny cookie


It’s just one. One teeny, tiny cookie. It won’t matter. Look at the big picture, look at all the other things that can hurt you, look at all the things that are truly bad for you. Why pin all that bad on a cookie? A cookie?!? Why deny yourself the joy and pleasure of a cookie? You don’t even have to eat the whole thing. Think about it, split it in half, share. Then you and a friend get to enjoy the happiness of eating this warm, freshly, baked cookie. Life is too short. If a cookie makes you happy, then eat the cookie. Denial of pleasure and happiness, why because of some calories? Don’t go crazy and eat all of the cookies. Just enjoy one. Eat it and smile. Eat it and think of the times when you used to eat cookies in your grandmother’s kitchen, the ones that came fresh from the oven. Eat it and enjoy this moment.



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