Bad days are okay


Yesterday was about being unhappy. The process of healing, especially when you have to go through it again is tough. And it takes a lot out of you, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I think it is reasonable to have bad days. As much as we ready daily inspirational quotes and work on having a good outlook, there are days that we don’t.

But it is not the bad days or the good days that matter. It is a collection of days. In order to get to the end goal, you have to be tenacious. You have to have a willingness to not quit, even though you may have a day or two or five where you don’t have the energy to move forward. That’s okay, it’s part of the process. As long as you get up again.

My leg will heal, eventually. I will be able to do things, eventually. And when that time comes, I have to be willing to accept what the new normal looks like.



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