Justice and Spin


– Justice, why are you always wearing that blindfold? I get justice is blind but if you can’t see, how can you really know what is going on?

This was a question Justice had heard before. She knew the answer but she was getting tired of explaining it to people. It just struck her as odd, why people did not understand.

– I know, I am great at judging people. I look them up and down and can figure them out. That is why I just struggle with what you do with that blindfold on. And here is the crazy thing; I heard you can see under that thing. You just wear it because you want to stay blind.

It was a different way of looking at the world, but Spin did see it differently than his cousin Justice.

Justice shook her head. She knew, no matter what she said or did, Spin would make it his own. She wondered how blindly Spin walked through the world, even though he could see everything in front of him.



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