Easterham Hunt


Our kids are grown so Easter is less about chocolate bunnies and hunting for eggs now. But there is one holdover for us, we love ham. So Easter turns out to be a great excuse (not that we need one) for a ham dinner.

Dinner was great and we were lucky to get lots of leftovers. We started our post Easter celebration with ham and eggs. At lunch, it was time for a ham sandwich or maybe just some pieces of ham to snack on.

I crutched into the kitchen and took a look in the fridge, no ham. I looked behind the milk, looked under things, looked in the drawers. No ham. Maybe the ham was left out, but no sign of ham on the counters.

Jim did not know where the ham was. I thought maybe Kia took the ham with her for lunch and dinner. She didn’t take the ham.

No one ate the ham, but no one knew where it was. We even ruled the dogs out because there was no sign of an empty container.

So we did what any logical people do when they loose something. Check the fridge. Check the counter. Check in the over. Check the dishwasher. Check the fridge again. Check the cabinets and drawers. Check the bedrooms. Check the utility room. Check the fridge again. Check the bathrooms. Check the closets. Check the fridge again.

We were stumped. We began to wonder if someone snuck into the house just to eat our ham. (But we wondered why just eat the ham and touch nothing else.)

Frustrated and confused we were about to give up. And then we saw a hint of blue behind the curtain.

It was the dogs. Fortunately for use, they could not get into the container.

No ham, but no mess.

The great Easterham Hunt of 2017, we found our ham.


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