Battle lines

The battle lines were drawn. All it took was the vote. A single stupid vote that pitted one side against the other.

Years later everyone looked back and said the council could have kept peace and harmony by bringing everyone to the table.

But instead of listening to the elders, listening to people who have perspective, the council disregarded the advice. Instead they relied on the power they garnered from their position, feeling as though they are hoisted above everyone else and by virtue of being on the council, know more than everyone else.

The plan that was presented by the elders to reach a compromise sat on the table. The members of the council flipped through it quickly, stopping briefly on a few pages to admire the pictures.

Instead of finding a way to bring peace, when the council voted, they picked a winner. A very clear winner. And when you have a winner, in turn it means you have a loser.

As the last vote was cast, lines were drawn. The feeling of unity that once prevailed was stripped away and replaced with talk of “us” and “them.”



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