Making Change


Changes are not just presented at the council level, anyone can present a change.  But in order to make a change to an ordinance, regulation, comprehensive plan, etc. there is a process to follow.

Step 1- Come up with an idea.

Step 2- Do some research to make sure you are well prepared.

Step 3- Draft a letter to the town council presenting your idea and your proposed change.

Step 4- Take the letter to the town clerk.

Step 5- Look for your item on the agenda.

Step 6- Go to the meeting where your idea is being presented.

Step 7- Follow Up.

Keys to Success

Be formal and professional in your letter.  For example, Honorable President and Councilors as opposed to People in Charge.

Research, research, research.  To find the root cause of the problem and understand how the problem is affecting the town.

Keep in mind a personal problem and a town problem are not always the same thing.

Follow up to make sure that your idea gets presented.

Say thank you.  When the town works hard for you, it’s always a good idea to say thank you to everyone who helped you out along the way.

Contact us if you have an idea and need some help getting started. 


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