Hospitality Hell

Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate mom. But a day of dread in the hospitality industry, similar to Valentine’s Day. Let’s take mom to brunch. Get annoyed because of the crowds. And the people on the hospitality end have to endure with a smile. It’s our pleasure to serve you.



  1. I would never chose that career, but if you don’t like what you are doing then you should think about doing something else. What ever you are doing you can be as happy as you set your mind on being, so smile and maybe you will get some good tips.

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    1. Thanks. I haven’t been a server for over 20 years but that gives me an appreciation for the work. And for me, I am all for people finding a way to support themselves and their family, so if serving does it, good on them.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Ah, someone was able to see how hospitality was an appropriate Daily Prompt on Mother’s Day! You are right in that Mother’s Day is the worst day to go to a restaurant. My family figured that out a few years ago, so Mother’s Day is the one Sunday out of the year we DON’T go to a restaurant but do something on the grill or a roast that cooks while we’re in church. (I had my family take me out to dinner on Friday this year.)

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    1. We try to avoid restaurants on Mother’s Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. Our daughter had her birthday on Mother’s so her kids insisted on taking her to dinner!

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      1. Easter hasn’t been a problem for us getting into restaurants, as far as I can remember. Going to restaurants on Valentine’s Day usually works for us by going early (which I now need to do anyway due to celiac). Mother’s Day, though, may as well be described as “take your mom to lunch and finally get seated in time to eat dinner!”

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