We are in the search of going up. But what happens when you get to the top? Is it possible to stay there? I suspect that there is only a limited amount of space at the top. So when someone else reaches the top with you, you either have to make room for each other or one person must go. When you descend from the top, you have a choice how you go down. You can either do it with grace and poise or fall. Either way you end up at the bottom again.



  1. Personally for me some one who has reached the top has gained significant experience in doing so, then should start his downward descend so other’ could get a chance, but by sharing his or her experience of how they reached the top, and by doing so technically even if you are going down, you still tend to remain at the top.

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    1. I like that approach. But I know too many people who get to the top (or one of the levels) and kick people back down the hill. It’s sad really. Ironically, a lot of those folks later complain that they can never take vacation because no one can do their job!

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