He tried to move, but his hands and feet were bound. All of his attempts to free himself were in vain. Tim knew that, but he felt that trying to do something in vain was better than sitting quietly and accepting his fate.

It had been a while since Tim last saw another person. It was odd, he knew that the people who held him were going to harm him, but at times he preferred to be around the company of another living being. Calling them people or human seemed a stretch because Tim did not believe that humans were capable of such evil, animals yes but humans no.

Time was irrelevant. With no windows to the outside he could not tell day from night. He also lost the ability to tell how much time passed. Most people in this situation would have become unmoored, but Tim found a strange peace. He wasn’t sure if it was that he overcame a fear of dying or if it was something else.



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