Quiet, mommy’s show is on


-Damn it, I need some quiet in here.

There is a crash up stairs.  Diane runs up the stairs and sees carnage of legos, a bowling ball, several dresses, high heeled shoes, and kids scattered around the floor.

Seething she looks around the room.

– Silence, I need silence for the next 30 minutes.

Her statement is met with snickers that quickly erupt into laughter.

Diane’s anger cools and she eyes the children.  Their laughter stops because for a brief moment none of them can recognize this person as being mom or their friends mom, instead they only see a mad woman.

– You can either stay here in silence or leave the house for the next 30 minutes.  And if I hear anything, a peep, a whisper, I will be back up here again.  It will not be pretty.

Kevin and Jacob run for the door.  As they walk out, Kevin leans over and says I though you were kidding about your mom being really into Blossom.



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