Tailor made love


It was Tuesday.  Tom had an appointment with the tailor.  For a few weeks he’s been working on his list, making sure to note everything he wanted.  (You only get one visit with the tailor so you need to make it right.)  It was a robust list, but he was confident he listed everything he wanted.

– Good morning, you must be Tom.

Tom extended his hand to offer a handshake.  Instead the tailor just looked him up and down.

– Have you made a list?

The feeling of euphoria Tom had earlier in the day began to fade.  He took one last look at the list and handed it over to the tailor.

The tailor talked to himself as he looked at the list.  Nodding his head in the affirmative as he got to some items and shaking his head no saying “that just won’t do” for other things.

– Alright, we can do most of this for you.  How does next Tuesday sound for picking her up?

– Tuesday, huh?

Tom pulled out his phone and checked his calendar.

– I’ve got an appointment in the afternoon, can we do it in the morning?

– Did you not read the instructions?  They clearly stated the instructions for care and the first 24 hours are critical?  If you don’t read the instructions and don’t take this seriously, well I wonder if you are ready for this type of commitment.

Tom thought for a moment.

– I can reschedule my appointment, this is important for me.

– Alrighty then.  We’ll see you next week.  If we have any questions we’ll be sure to call.


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