Dear Kelly Slater- that injury sucks



Dear Kelly Slater


I heard about your injury and can relate to having to sit out of the water, watching, and wondering.


6 months of recovery is an eternity, one that I can personally relate to. November 2015 I had knee surgery, which was quickly followed by surgery to repair a tendon on my foot. After almost 9 months out of the water, things were looking up and I was back surfing again. Out of nowhere two tendons in my foot spontaneously ruptured and I needed to have a third surgery so that I could maintain my active lifestyle.


It was a heavy blow. The doctors felt it too; you know things are bad when the only thing they can say is that you did a number on your foot or this is one of the worst injuries I’ve seen.


Friends and family tried to be supportive, but I was in a dark place. I did not want people to tell me things happen for a reason, I wanted people to acknowledge how much this sucks and tell me just how crappy the situation was. It was a dark time, some days I wondered if my foot would ever heal, so thinking about surfing was the furthest thing from my mind.


Now I am still in the tunnel, but I’m to the point where I can see the light on the other side. So until you get there, you injury sucks, what a heavy blow.


Heal well, heal correctly.






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