Speak up now or shut up later


Overdevelopment is a word that is tossed around with ease.  However, no one really knows what it means.  The town has one idea, developers another, and residents a third.  With this type of disconnect, it is no wonder that people are confused about overdevelopment and how to preserve the charm and integrity of Middletown.

A few months ago Paul Rogrigues (Vice President of the Town Council) said that we need to hear what the people of the town want when it comes to zoning and development.  The council charged with Planning Board to hear the people.

In the next few months there are a few key items that are going to be open to public input.  The dates are not set but after speaking with members of the planning board the bulk zoning should be coming up first on the agenda and anticipate the limited business, limited business traffic sensitive being discussed in a September meeting.

1- Bulk Zoning (McMansion Issue).  Are the houses being built on the sub-standard R-10 lots too big.  This directly affects the Easton’s Point area but what affects one neighborhood affects all of us.

Ideas that have been proposed are limiting the building height to 25 ft and limiting the floor to area ration (far) to 0.50.

2- What are your thoughts for the zoning ordinances in limited business and limited business traffic sensitive.  This area affects ALL of Middletown because it is the area where most tourists visit.  We need tourists to want to come to Middletown because of the look, feel, and charm of the area.  If we lose this income it affects everyone.

Limited Business- This district is established to provide areas for day-to-day localized shopping needs, convenience, shopping services to neighborhood areas, and to provide limited specialized business uses in certain parts of town.

Special provisions regarding lot/width frontage- within any zoning district designated by the letter “A” as shown on the official zoning map, all the applicable regulations of this chapter shall apply, with the single exception of provisions for minimum lot width/frontage as provided in 603.”

720 Traffic Sensitive Districts

Zoning District Dimensional Regulations

Zoning District Permitted Uses

Come out, express yourself, let us know what you think the town zoning should be to shape the future of the town.


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