Open space and a shopping center, how does that work?

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Open space is a word used rather freely in the Middletown Comprehensive plan.  There is a great deal of talk about preserving land in the town so we have open space and scenery.  However, when tested it seems the opposite may be true.

The zoning board has quite a decision to make.  Before the board is a petition to allow for another shopping center on East Main Road.  The item was on the July agenda the owners pushed this back to the October agenda.  Why October because the planning board is working on a mixed use ordinance and the owners want to see if this will be a better fit for the development.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about this.

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  1. Why do we need another blot on the land. Before building another eyesore and paving yet more open space , utilize the already developed areas to their fullest extent. This is a small island with a limited number of residents and probably cannot compete for a customer base against Fall River, Seekonk, Warwick, Cranston etc. Most stores are not busy now. We seem to have a selection of a large range of goods to buy. Who needs another box store or grocery.
    Patty Martin Middletown

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  2. Is there a drawing of the plan? Whom are their prospective tenants? What is the benefit to the local community? Will the buildings be LEED, will the parking lot be asphalt? Seems like there are a ton of outstanding questions that could be answered before October.

    It would also be interesting to know the *actual* number of vacant commercial properties in 02842.

    I don’t reside in Middletown, I am confident that they are not concerned about my opinion, but sounds like everyone concerned should be actively asking a lot of questions!

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    1. Thank you. Right now this is an item that keeps getting pushed down the road by the owner/attorney to keep the space on the zoning agenda. However, at the last zoning meeting it sounds like they may start moving if the town approves a mixed use ordinance. So right now there are no plans but once some are filed we will be sure to get those so people can see the plans.


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