Stories mom told


Even shallow water can be dangerous.  That is what Evan thought as he sat with his toes barely touching the edge of the water.

When he was growing up he heard stories about how dangerous water really is.  Drowning was obvious, instead his mother told stories about the monsters that live in the water.  Everything from sharks to alligators to tiny bacteria that eats flesh.

Though to date, Evan never met anyone who had died or been injured from anything his mother used to describe, his mother was so vivid and detailed that he erred on the side of caution, just in case.

Today, just letting the water touch his toes was a big step, his therapist would be impressed.  But he wasn’t going to take any chances.  As soon as he got home he was going to load up with vitamins and scrub his feet (and the rest of his body for that matter) to kill anything that he may have brought home.


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