Mixed up about mixed use


There is a new ordinance being considered in Middletown- a mixed used ordinance.

The down and dirty of the ordinance.  This goes beyond the current code that allows for both residential and commercial in one building.  It will allow for a village style with multiple buildings and a mix of both commercial and residential.

After attending several of the discussions from the planning board I’ve come to realize that there is some real confusion about the purpose of this ordinance.  The point of this type of development is so that people can live, work, play, and shop all in one place.  It is a kind of city living outside of the city.

In many of the discussions I’ve heard so far is that residents will not want to live next to a bar or liquor store.  But I beg to differ.  The type of people who will want to live in this type of development are the same folks who choose to live near Broadway in Newport.  Broadway has the walkability people desire as well as places to shop and play.

As we move forward with this ordinance let’s work to get it right so it will be good for developers, good for businesses, and good for the demographic of people who want to live in this type of community.

This is not the time to mix up how and where we choose to live into the mixed use ordinance.


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