Let it ride and ride and ride…..

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 7.09.10 AM

The game of attrition is one of the games people play in Middletown.  If you check out the agendas for the zoning board you will see it come up as a continuation every month, even though there is no plan to move forward- YET.

We’ve learned developers and landowners will put in an application.  If the application gets turned down by the planning board, they will keep it on the zoning board docket to keep the application open.

Residents who oppose the item on the agenda may show up to a meeting only to find out that it will not be discussed that night, or the next night, or the next.  (Oppose because why would developers or owners want to discourage supporters?)

This game of letting an application ride, convolutes the system, and makes it difficult for concerned and interested residents to take an active role in the process.

The KJ’s hotel is one item that continues to stay on the zoning board agenda, however new plans have not been submitted. 

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