Spicy and the Ys

screw balls

Juice from the popsicle dripped down Brassy’s arm.  Instead of using a napkin, she bent her elbow, put it to her lips and licked her arm to clean it off.  She swayed as she walked down the sidewalk, her presence was enough to get people to move out of the way.

As Brassy got to the corner she saw someone waving.

“Brassy, girl what are you going?”

She wanted to pretend she could not hear or see the car sitting in front of her.  But she knew that there was no avoiding this.  “What’s up Spicy?”

Spicy was hanging out the window of Johnny’s car.  “Brassy, when are you going to join us?  We’ve been asking you forever, but you keep saying now.  I just don’t get it, what else do you have going on that is better than the Ys.”

The sun was beating down on the street, making the asphalt smell.  Brassy kept working on her screwball.  She’d been avoiding the Ys for as long as she could remember.  Yes they were the popular girls in school but school’s over now.  Brassy, drank the last of the juice, the car sitting behind Johnny’s started honking.  “Asshole, can’t you see I’m talking?” Spicy yelled out the window, Johnny shook his head and started driving.



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