Mariner Village- have you heard of it?

Mariner Village

Last night the planning board was the last step of approvals for Mariner Village, a 29 unit town home development in Newport and Middletown off Maple Ave.  16 units in Middletown and 13 in Newport.  Mariner Village is planned to be 2 bedroom town houses, priced in the mid 200s.

There was a lot of discussion and reservation about the project, in particular because several members of the planning board were not part of the original approval process and vote which took place in December.  Newport has already given approval for the project to move forward.

Though the project did get approval there are still conditions that the developers must meet in order to get building permits.  For the Middletown portion, they will need to have another review of the project by the town planner before they can apply to get the building permits to break ground on the project.  Ultimately, because this development falls in two towns they will need to apply to both towns for permits to move forward.



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