What’s in a name?


Staring out the window, Brassy thought back on her ninth birthday.  Her parents asked what she wanted.  With supreme confidence and a pinch of defiance she looked up at her mom and dad and told them she was done being called Donna, insisting that was not her name.  Her parents were stunned, Donna was a family name.  Finally her dad asked, “So if your name isn’t Donna, then what is it?”  Brassy looked at them with a coy smile, “Daddy, Mommy my name is Brassy.”

Her parents were not sure how to react, they were caught somewhere between awe and laughter.  Neither was keen on letting their nine year old daughter be in charge, but they were struck by her conviction.  Calmly her mother looked down and asked her “When did you know this was your name?”

“I’ve known this was my name since I knew how to make words.  It’s just who I am.”

There was a long silence, her mother finally broke the standoff.  “Well if that’s your name, then I guess it’s high time we start calling you by your name.  Just remember Don-, I mean Brassy, that this once we change your name there is no changing back.”

Brassy looked up and nodded.  She marched her parents into the courthouse with her $10.00 and application to legally change her name.

For a moment she forgot where she was, the woman with a clipboard called out “Brassy, Miss Brassy.”


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