Graduation: Oozing with excitement and anticipation

The weeks were now just days.  Tina could no longer contain her excitement.  She was finally going to graduate.  Of course, like most of peers, she had no idea what was next.  But she did not care, all of the hard work was paying off.  As the ceremony was about to begin, Tina smoothed out her gown and checked her hair one last time.  However, in the midst of all the excitement, she could feel the eyes around her.  The competition was about to start yet again.  She found it hard to focus on the moment when she knew that even before diplomas were in hand, phone calls and offers were being made.  Tina just hoped she could keep up.

The music started and all of that worry melted away.  She stood there with the silliest of smiles.  Standing proudly, armed only with everything they learned all year and of course a cell phone in the ready.  Tina looked like every other parent in the audience that night watching their kid graduate from pre-school.



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