Snowflake or coward?


Snowflake or coward?

That seems to be the position that many people are put in.

If you stand up to inappropriate jokes and bad behavior you are called a snowflake.  But if you stand idly by and those jokes and bad behavior escalate, then you are a coward for not doing anything.

This presents an awkward and confusing situation, a stalemate if you will.  Many people are attracted to magnetic personalities who offer ideas and suggestions on how and what to think, while masking their agenda with a think for yourself label.

The more I think about this, the more I realize that my goals is to err on the side of right, to err on the side of just.  That means listening to my heart and sifting through the rhetoric, searching for genuine facts, not ideas disguised as facts.  My goal is to call out wrong and bad behavior.  If this means being called a snowflake, so be it.

I recognize that standing up for right and just means having the courage to stand and speak up.  In the process people may say I am a snowflake for being offended, but who cares.  At least I will not cower in fear.  And I will proudly wear the badge of snowflake because it means I have courage, to stand up, to speak out, and to help people be heard.

Keeping my integrity in tact far outweighs what a group thinks of me.  I would much rather stand alone for all the right reasons, then be with people for all the wrong reasons.



  1. Extremely good point you’re making here. I believe most people find that they’ll never be able to please most people, so doing what you think it right regardless of the label seems to always be the best idea.

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