Well, well tax increase- and other news from around Middletown


Well Tax/Fee Increase

When you looked at your tax bill you may have seen an increase in your well tax.  We are still learning more about why this tax was increased.  When we reached out to the town council, we discovered they were surprised by the increase also and began to research when this was approved.

Short Term Rentals

We are trying to assess if the changes to the short term rental ordinance to find out if it is helping stop party houses and parking issues or just adding a burden on short term rental owners.

Several residents are working on collecting data about police calls and complaints.

We reached out to the town council and learned as of right now no fines or other actions have been issues, but they are aware of one party house.

If you have any information to add to the conversation we would love to hear it.

Newport Beach House- Mean high tide

There has been some discussion with the Newport Beach House going beyond mean high tide when they are setting up for weddings.

2nd Beach Parking (Surfers End ONLY)

We are soliciting ideas to take to the town to improve the 2nd beach parking lot, surfers end.  Over the summer we’ve seen several accidents and near accidents after the lot was re-vamped.


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