What side of history will you be on?


I wasn’t alive in the 60s.  So it makes me wonder, if I were alive during civil rights movement what would I have done.  I would like to believe I have the conviction and courage to take part in the demonstrations and walks.  But sitting comfortably in the present it is easy to say that.

When you really think of the guts it took the men and women to challenge society it is powerful.

It takes commitment to stand up against people who support free speech but maybe not where you are protesting like a school or business.  It takes heart to stand up to the ridicule from people who are against change.  It takes courage to watch people silently condone bad behavior.  It takes honor to stand for what is right and just.

But in reality those are the easy things.  To walk with the men and women during the civil rights movement, I would need to be willing to accept more than hatred and awful words, I would have to be okay with possibility of being arrested, hurt, or killed.

It is easy for me to glance back on history and be proud knowing where I would stand in the fight against racial inequality.

But the reality is, that fight did not end in the 60s.  Today, in America racial inequality still exists, period.  For those who do not think it is so bad today or think that we have come along way, you need to stop viewing the world from your lens and make an effort to really see what life is like from dark skinned glasses.

Today, many people are outraged by NFL players using their platform to fight for racial equality.  They would not be protesting or fighting if there was not a problem.  Today in my social media feed, I see people who claim to support free speech, but add a lot of qualifiers about where free speech should happen, who is allowed to speak freely, and how people should protest.  Today, we need to start living by the words of our forefathers when they wrote “that all men are created equal”.

In a few decades when you look back, what side will you be on?



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