The perfect pass


Jerry took off, sprinting down the field.  He looked over his left shoulder and eyed the ball spiraling through the sky.  Perfection, Arnold launched another flawless pass.

One more step and Jerry would catch the ball and run the final few feet into the end zone.  But as his foot stepped down he felt something funny.  Jerry looked down and the ball bounced in front of him.  Right away he knew, he stepped in dog shit.  That was the worst.  He only had two pairs of shoes, his sneakers and dress shoes.  A kid messing up his shoes was the worst sentence because there is no easy way to get it cleaned and it generally involved either a stick, waiting it out, or a hose.  No good options.

This was one of those moments Jerry wished he was an adult.  His mom and dad had a closet full of shoes.  And if they needed a new pair because they were in a pinch, they could just go out and buy some.

Jerry sighed, ugh, the struggle of being a kid.


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