Motion sickness?

“So the instructions say that you need to hit the release button. Do you have any idea where that is?”

Frantically Harold looked around, feeling with his hand for a release button.

“The instructions say that it is under the passenger seat.  Do you feel anything under there Harold?”

Harold couldn’t make any real noise, but he reached half his arm under his seat.  His hand grabbing and tugging at anything it felt.

“Harold, I don’t mean to alarm you, but we really need you to find the release button before this thing crashed to the earth.  How’s it going over there?”

Still grabbing and clutching, Harold grabbed something and it made a click and popping sound.  Both men were ejected from their seats and after a few minutes of flying, two parachutes opened, leaving the men gently floating to the ground.

“Harold, why do you look so ill over there?  Are you seriously getting motion sickness from this?”  Tom just chuckled to himself as he checked his watch wondering if he would still have time to make it for dinner.


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