Everyone else was acting normal

“What in the hell is going on over there?”  Ted looked but he couldn’t see anything.  It wasn’t dark yet. He looked down the street, nothing seemed off.  He remembered reading an article in the paper that morning about raccoons in the neighborhood, so he shrugged it off.

A few minutes later it was there again.  This the noises were closer.  He wanted to write it off again, but something bothered him about it.  Ted left his tools on the ground and the garage open.  He started walking in the direction where he thought the sound was coming from.

As he walked Ted began to wonder.  Of course he was curious about what could make such a loud sound.  He thought about what he would do when he found it.  Fight, run?

As he continued down the street, he saw kids playing on their bikes.  His neighbor Brenda waved hello.  He realized no on else in the neighborhood was acting normal.  He was the only person going to investigate the noise.



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