And you get a subdivision, and you get a subdivision

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.54.21 AM

If you are looking to a place to buy in Middletown you may not have to wait long.  There are currently 4 subdivision plans with a total of 45 lots submitted for approval with the Middletown Planning Department.

This brings up a lot of questions for people.  Things like infrastructure, increased road usage, and more kids in the school system.

For those who own homes you may be getting mailers from real estate agents encouraging you to sell your house.  This must mean inventory is low and people want to buy on the island.  (Though we aren’t sure that people want to live here or just own property here.)

People are concerned about overdevelopment and preservation of open space.  One thing that seems to be missing from the conversation is what right looks like.

No can not be the answer to every proposed development as much as yes can not either.  What is the right development?


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