Too much chaos

The man looked up.  He saw that his hand was on a strange woman’s arm.  He saw she was screaming down the hall.  Everything was silent but he could sense the panic.  His mind tried to process just where he was, but nothing was familiar.

He wanted to say something, a kind word, a reassuring word.  But for some reason he had lost the ability to talk.  It took a moment but he realized that his hand was still clinging to the woman’s arm.  He focused his energy on his left hand and using all of his mental power, he pried his fingers open just enough so the lady could get her arm free.

From where he lie, he watched as she fell against the wall as she tried to regain her balance.  She stepped out into the hall just before a flurry of people tumbled through the door.  He could tell they were shouting things to him and to each other, but all he could make out was their body movement.  All he wanted to do was close his eyes, but there was too much chaos.



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